Frequently asked questions

What’s your process – What can I expect when using Aspire’s services?

Our process is fairly simple. Once you click ‘ Get Started’, you will answer some questions online that will let us check for any conflicts of interest to make sure we can act for you. If we’re able to act for you, we will send you an email with a retainer agreement and a link to an online form. This form will be tailored to your needs and what you’ve asked us to do for you. You can complete the form at your own pace, and save it as you go. Once you submit your information to us, you will be able to book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. At the meeting, we will go over all your documents, give you clear advice, and help you plan your next steps.

Are you lawyers?

Kyla Sandwith is a lawyer and oversees all work done by the team at Aspire. Our team is formed of students-at-law, who are recent graduates of the University of Calgary's Law Faculty, and are now completing a mandatory articling term. A student-at-law is essentially a 'lawyer-in-training', who is permitted by the Law Society of Alberta to provide legal services under the direct supervision of a lawyer.

Are you my lawyer?

The team at Aspire focuses on offering limited services to self-represented clients. This means that we assist in areas of family law that you may not know how to handle yourself. We do not act as your lawyer in the traditional sense such as in court, in dealing with other lawyers, or with other people. If you work with the team at Aspire, you will still be considered self-represented and will remain in charge of your own case.

How are you different from other law firms?

We do things differently in two main areas: our relationship with our clients, and how we deliver legal services. Our relationship with our client is different mainly because we don’t take your case on or act for you. Instead our clients are empowered partners in the management of their own cases. Our team's mission is to provide you with the help, support, and guidance you may need along the way. How we deliver legal services is also different. We rely heavily on technology to be efficient, keep quality high, and costs low. In this way we are able to charge flat fees on a sliding scale. This makes our services more accessible to all income levels than hourly fees charged by traditional law firms.

What are your fees?

Our fees are based on the complexity and work involved in each service we provide. Under ‘Service’ you will find a description of each service and the maximum fee for that service. Based on your income you may also be eligible for a discount on our standard fees. To receive the discount you will be required to provide acceptable proof of income when we meet. You will see exactly how much a service will cost when you fill out our online intake form. You will also see exactly what is and is not included in that service before you sign up.